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Jennet Devize - known for centuries as the child of witches, who spoke against her whole family at the Lancaster Assizes, in 1612, condemning them all to death.

Why did Jennet act as she did? What was the truth behind her betrayal?

Could she have done anything else?

If Jennet was the innocent child that history portrays, was she guilty or not of the blood of her family and friends? Was she evil and spiteful, or a child in an impossible situation? Where did she disappear to, after the trial? Did the community of Pendle accept her back, as one of their own?

Could anyone ever trust her again?

Could she love and be loved, become a mother and a healer, or would the accusation of witchcraft follow her forever?

Jennet Devize - last of the Demdike clan, and a true daughter of Pendle.



‘There were several moments which sent shivers down my spine, whilst I sat on the edge of the chair reading quickly to see where the story went.’

‘The last lines of the book left me with goosebumps.’

‘I couldn't put this down and was crying at the injustice.’