A good short story is satisfying to write.

After many years successfully writing and teaching the art of short story, Rowan Scot-Ryder is offering her guidance to writing students everywhere. Here you can learn to listen to the stories within you, and discover the best ways to bring them to life, using conflict, characters, twists and impact.

This is a terrific guide to taking your writing to the next level, and discovering professional success. Short stories are not only a wonderful discipline, but the principles can also be used to create individual chapters in a full-length novel.

There are no links to particular courses, or requirement to spend anything more than the cover price. If you choose to learn more about writing at a college or institution, this book will set you ahead of the class, in style, plot and understanding.

A book to treasure.



‘Just the book I've been looking for.’

‘Packed with excellent, specific tips for writing short stories. However, the real value of the book was the writer's fresh approach to the philosophy and lifestyle of writing... bucking the trend... The tips in this book will still prepare you to write marketable short fiction.’